Sell your car through us to get the best deal

We have a pool of ready buyers waiting to buy your car

Consignment success rate of over 90%

CARQUOTES SG is your most trusted car consignment platform where not only dealers but direct car sellers can connect to our pool of ready buyers who can bid for your car.
Statistics have shown that about 90% of car sale transactions in Singapore are done through dealers. Here at CARQUOTES SG we do it differently, 90% of our direct sellers transact their deals directly with our buyers. This has proven beneficial for sellers as it guarantees to fetch a higher selling price.
CARQUOTES SG ensures that you get a higher price by selling your vehicle to private/direct buyers. You do not need to leave your car with us. Arrangements for viewing will be at your convenient location & time. We handle all paperwork & make sure all is hassle-free during the handover.


Expect only genuine and transparent car transactions at Carquotz

Direct buyers
Dealers and exporters
Happy customers

Customer-first approach prioritises your interests

At CarQuotz, customers' interests are placed first. Our team is very sincere and will patiently explain the procedures and fees in details upfront. There are no hard selling or surprise hidden costs at CarQuotz. We make sure you understand each transaction clearly before you proceed with any decision. Making customers happy is the basis of our business.

Efficient car sales process means we always need more cars to sell

A good and efficient car sale process helps us sell cars pretty fast. As a result, there is always a pool of ready direct buyers and dealers on the wait for our next car sale. This means that apart from getting sold fast, cars that we help to sell also get first hand pricing. 

Thorough car inspections ensure buyers receive cars in good conditions

We take every car transaction very seriously. All cars that go through our hands undergo vigorous inspections so that we can uncover and rectify all defects. Doing so ensures that customers who buy from us are getting cars genuinely free from problems. If a car is found to have defects that cannot be repaired, it will be scrapped instead.


Sells your car within 1 hour.

Fastest option.
Sell your car directly to our pool of dealers.


Car value

No fees required.


Sells your car within 12 hours.

Sell to our ready pool of direct buyers, most popular option.


Car value

Paid by direct buyer.


Sells your car within 30 days.

Premium consignment dealer appointed by SG CarMart.
90% successful sales rate with proven records.
Buy Back Scheme available if car not sold in 30 days.

Car value

Success fees of $500 for cars below $80k.
Success fees waived for cars equal or above $80k.

Engaging us to sell your car

Effective car sales process

Carquotes has in place a well thought-out system to assist car sellers. We have very experienced car sales professionals who can assess the conditions of cars accurately and price them right. Our partnerships with car workshops provide the support we need to carry out thorough inspections to discover and remedy defects in cars. At Carquotes, we have a ready pool of direct buyers always waiting for our next car sale. As a result, we have the options of pricing your car at different prices to sell it within different timeframes depending on how urgent you need the car sold.

Proven consignment sales track record

Ever since our conception, we have achieved a 90+% success rate for our car consignment sales. In other words, we have successfully helped more than 90% of car owners who engaged us to sell their cars in the open market via the car consignment option. Don't forget that if we fail to sell your car to the open market within 30 days, we will buy your car at the highest dealer price. It's basically a guaranteed car sale when you engage our help.

Comprehensive services

We happen to be an all-in-one platform that also offers the complete set of car services in Singapore