Your car may have lost its demand

But its parts still have value

Get the most out of the remaining of your car.

The most common reason for scrapping a car is heavy damage that costs too much to repair. Sometimes, even insurance company will not cover the repair costs for such heavily damaged cars. 

When a car is sent for scrapping, it will first go through a thorough inspection. During this inspection, the valuable parts such as the engine and the alternator are checked for profitability. If profits can be made, they will be repaired and resold to car workshops. Otherwise,  the car is sent to be depolluted. 

In the depollution process, the chemicals and parts of a car that pose risks to human and environmental health are removed properly. The hazardous chemicals and parts include battery lead acid, wheels, seat-belts, pre-tensioners, airbags, oils, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants, anti-freeze liquids, catalytic converters, oil filters and switches containing mercury.

After depollution, recyclable metal, glass, plastic and rubber of the car will be sent for recycling. 

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