Get more money

when you scrap or export through us

Cars can live well beyond the term of COE.

COE Expiring Soon

As COE approaches expiry, car owners may consider the options of scrapping and exporting the cars. They may then compare the various offers from different scrapyards and exporters. But none of these offers can match up to the amount that is made possible by our experienced COE Specialists.

COE Specialists

At Carquotes, COE Specialists refer to our guys who have a wealth of experience in Singapore automobile market. They are able to assess your car's suitability for extending COE by another 5 or 10 years. The assessment will include Singapore market's demand for your car make and model, as well as your car's condition. 

Selling Your Car

If your car is deemed to have potential for sale in Singapore's market, then we can renew your car's COE and prepare for resale. Your car will undergo thorough inspections, repairs and touch-ups before being shown to our ready pool of car buyers. This will ensure the greatest value of your car. 

Should there be no local demand for your car, we will check for demand in overseas markets. Exporting your car derives lesser value than reselling in local market, but will still be a better option than scrapping.

Scrapping your car grants the least value, but it is an inevitable option in the unfortunate event of zero demand from local and overseas markets.

Application for Assessment

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